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Our primary service is in the new construction industry as a partner to builders as a plumbing subcontractor in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We also conduct services to commercial and residential customers for remodeling as well as new construction. The services we offer include:

New Construction

Commercial Plumbing

Retail Plumbing

Hotel Plumbing

Residential Plumbing

Water Heater Replacement

Gas Line Appliance Installation

How We Complete a New Construction Project

  1. Rough-in: During the construction of the foundation and framing, we prepare and install the piping for the plumbing from the ground up throughout the property and install some of the larger fixture pieces like tubs and showers. Before the dry wall and floors are completed and filled in, the city completes an inspection of the piping to ensure everything is installed and functioning correctly. During the inspection, we will perform a 5 lb. air test at the time of inspections for the city inspector.

  2. Finish: As the final construction and touch-ups are taking place, we install the remaining fixtures like toilets and sinks, review the installation of our work, and provide an additional air test for the city inspector during the final inspections before declaring the project complete.

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